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"I see it all. I feel it all. My eyes fill with tears"

 —  back

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“[I] became a woman who learned her own skin and dug into her soul and found it full.”

—  Anne sexton, from The Break Away 

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“Why is it? Why are we all so tongue-tied and spellbound? Why do we perhaps live three streets off and yet never meet? Where is the intimacy? Where is the warmth? I think human beings are fundamentally crashed by a sense of their insignificance. I am perpetually overwhelmed by realizations of this kind. And nothing matters - nothing I say, feel, or think, truly makes a difference.”

—  Virginia Woolf, Selected Letters 

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“If all cosmos were the same distance apart, gravity would pull them all in the same direction. They’d remain perfectly aligned, and precisely nothing would happen. Irregularity, imperfection, and lack of order in hydrogen compacts, atoms of gas gravitating away from each other, and compressed temperatures is what created our universe. Perfection in our galaxy simply does not exist. Without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.” —Into The Universe with Stephen Hawking: ‘The Story of Everything’ 
Utilize this as an analogy next time attempt to undermine your self-worth caused by fallacious and subjective standards one must meet in order to attain aesthetic appeal. Symmetric cannot be created if its source is asymmetric.

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“There is so much silence between the words […]”

—  Margaret Atwood, from In The Secular Night 

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“Am I so difficult to understand and so easy to misunderstand in all my intentions, plans, and friendships? Ah, we lonely ones and free spirits—it is borne home to us that in some way or other we constantly appear different from what we think. Whereas we wish for nothing more than truth and straightforwardness, we are surrounded by a net of misunderstanding, and despite our most ardent wishes we cannot help our actions being smothered in a cloud of false opinion, attempted compromises, semi-concessions, charitable silence, and erroneous interpretations. Such things gather a weight of melancholy on our brow; for we hate more than death the thought that pretence should be necessary, and such incessant chafing against these things makes us volcanic and menacing. From time to time we avenge ourselves for all our enforced concealment and compulsory self-restraint. We emerge from our cells with terrible faces, our words and deeds are then explosions, and it is not beyond the verge of possibility that we perish through ourselves. Thus dangerously do I live! It is precisely we solitary ones that require love and companions in whose presence we may be open and simple, and the eternal struggle of silence and dissimulation can cease.”

—   Friedrich Nietzsche, from Selected Letters 

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Jiji, Kiki’s Delivery Service

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“If I don’t have what I want, I am lonely and sad. And If I do have what I want…I’m sure I’m going to lose it. And the waiting is unbearable.”

—  Reaching For The Moon (2013) dir. by Bruno Barreto

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“After all—if I could not draw my strength from myself; if I had to wait for words of good cheer, of encouragement, and of comfort from outside, where should I be, what should I be! There have indeed been moments—no, whole periods in my life—when I should have regarded a strong cheering word, a sympathetic handshake, as the comfort of comforts—and it was precisely then that every one on whom I thought I could rely, and who could have done me this act of kindness, left me in the lurch. Now I no longer expect it, and all I feel is a certain gloomy astonishment when, for instance, I think of the letters that reach me nowadays—they are all so insignificant! No one seems to have gained the smallest experience through me, or to have thought about me—all that people say to me is decent and benevolent, but so far, far away.”

—  Friedrich Nietzsche, from Selected Letters 

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Renderings of Egon Schiele

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